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Développement rural

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Association Nkom sought to respond to increased suffering, starvation and deaths in rural communities in our region. We would like to work at grassroots level to enhance the capacity of communities we work with to enable them to respond to their basic needs using first and foremost, their local resources. 

Among the key strategic choices of the strategy of our association is the decision to build on existing experience, replicable programmes, and innovative service delivery. The initiatives of the association will include the Local economic development fund, Community water supply and sanitation, Food security and livelihoods, Rural housing, the Technopreneur programme, Local Business service centers, Small and Middle enterprise incubators, Agricultural marketing and farming development, Assistance to the development of skills for industry and employment, creation of self-sustaining villages, Establishment of IT centers, Distance learning centers, Awareness programmes for primary and secondary schools, Waste management programmes, and others. 


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